Former WWE star speaks about Brock Lesnar

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Former WWE star speaks about Brock Lesnar

During a recent virtual signing of East Coast Autograph Auctions, former WWE B-Fab superstar Briana Brandy, former Hit Row member, shared an interesting anecdote about Brock Lesnar with fans, something that left her speechless.

In fact, the wrestler said she met The Beast Incarnate backstage during her short stay on the main roster, finding a very kind man, not as a person expects to perceive him. "Who surprised me? Honestly, I'd say Brock Lesnar.

He surprised me because he's very nice and he's very sweet and I wasn't expecting that. I expected him to be like, 'Don't talk to me, nobody look at me,' and he was super nice. Yeah. He walked up to me and shook my hand and said, 'Hey, welcome.'

I was like, 'Woah. This is great.' He was really great, and Roman Reigns is really cool too. He's a really good guy."

B-Fab talks about Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar had reportedly been very vocal about how he wanted the Royal Rumble match to go.

But Shane McMahon wasn't too pleased with Lesnar's ideas and wanted his own to shine instead, leading to a backstage argument. In an interview in December, the same wrestler had also said that it is difficult to define "contracts" those that the WWE offers you, because they seem more "agreements", since a contract usually runs to expiration for her.

"It's a sad situation because I don't even know if it can be called a contract because most contracts have to be exploited until they are finished. With them, it's more an agreement than a contract. If you want to live your life, you can't put your life aside for this deal because they can change it whenever they want.

It's a little hard to plan what you want to do when you don't know what's going to happen day by day. It's not very safe and it's a scary situation to get involved in. It is very difficult to say if it is worth it. Now, people are moving from all over the country to do this job and you can be cut in six months and you have moved your whole life and family here." It has been reported that the company has quietly let Shane McMahon go because of his backstage attitude.

One source told Dave Meltzer that Shane McMahon's backstage attitude was so bad that Vince McMahon was left with no option but to let him go: “Every single story you’ve already heard, multiplied many times over,” was said by one person close to the situation.

“He was unprofessional the likes of which left VKM [Vincent Kennedy McMahon] no options but to fire him”.