Booker T comments on Lita's return

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Booker T comments on Lita's return

In the last episode of Raw, we witnessed a crazy thing, namely Lita, a legend of the ring, who challenged the current champion of the red brand Becky Lynch, precisely for the title at Elimination Chamber on February 19th.

For many, especially the Irishman, it is a real dream match, because Lita has always been Becky's idol, when she was still taking her first steps in wrestling and as she said herself, she was scolded for having dressed like the Hall of Famer when she went to fight.

For this challenge, however, there is also a part of the WWE public who criticized Lita's choice, finding it almost a photocopy of Goldberg who comes out of nowhere, demands a titled match and does so on the occasion of a premium live event in Saudi Arabia but surely she is not like that because she almost never had the run she deserved in WWE and she didn't even have the retirement match she deserved and this could be a great opportunity for redemption.

Booker T thinks it wouldn't be a smart move by Adam Cole to leave WWE and join AEW in the near future. Adam Cole's contract will reportedly expire later this month after the SummerSlam weekend.

Booker T opens up on Lita

During his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about this feud between Lita and Becky Lynch saying, "God bless Lita, go get that money girl.

It's a big match for that Saudi crowd. Because I'll tell you right away, probably. people thought Lita was still on the roster, that's how much they love memories, how much they love to see someone from that era. For me, getting the chance to see Lita over there is going to be huge.

Becky Lynch will be great. But for the Saudis to see Lita, it will be a great time for them. Also, it will be a great time for women's wrestling." Booker T also added that he doesn't believe Lita is taking anyone's place on the card: “For Lita to actually be able to have that moment, I think she deserves it.

You say she took someone's place? I do not believe it. Because I don't think anyone, from a female perspective of this era, will be as big as Lita in Saudi Arabia right now. I don't think any of the women on the roster are as big as Lita in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

I might be wrong, but those fans over there, they want some old school." Adam Cole has been a part of WWE since 2017, making his debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Cole was the leader of one of the most dominant factions in NXT history, The Undisputed Era.