Roman Reigns WWE Schedule

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Roman Reigns WWE Schedule

The WWE has a lack of star power these days and they do not have the star power they had in the Attitude Era. The hardcore professional wrestling fans are desperately waiting for the old school professional wrestling eras to make a return.

As a business, The WWE is still doing quite well and generates millions of dollars every year. But they are still criticized by wrestling fans and journalists about the way they handle certain bookings and do not give the fans what they want.

Vince McMahon is behind almost every idea and storyline that takes place at the WWE. He was the one that decided that Roman Reigns should be the top wrestler of the promotion. Due to his decision, Reigns has received multiple title opportunities.

He only became popular among fans when he announced that he has to quit wrestling to undergo treatment for leukemia. Reigns has recently made his in-ring return. He is scheduled to be at all RAW TV events up to the 6th of May.

He will also be in London for the tapings of the 13th May episode. Reigns was added to a few post-WrestleMania European tour events as well. He will most likely not work any non-televised events in the US. Reigns will most likely wrestle at WrestleMania 35, but his opponent is yet to be announced. @Wrestlevotes reported that the WWE has a few opponents for Reigns and they will choose one of them in the near future.