Bobby Lashley reveals his main goals

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Bobby Lashley reveals his main goals

After winning the WWE Royal Rumble title against Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley was interviewed by the Bleacher Report. The All Mighty would have talked about his next match against the Beast but this time in an MMA match. On his retirement from wrestling, Bobby Lashley concluded: "I feel good that I can hope to keep fighting until I am 50 years old.

If my body continues to support me, there is no reason why I should stop. If I no longer be able to keep up with certain rhythms or my appearance is affected by something, I will take note and step aside. I am 100% and I believe I can compete with any member of the current WWE roster."

Backstage News on Bobby Lashley

On the possible match against Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley said, "I might be interested in something like that but I value everything. The only thing I don't care about is a Street Fight.

I think what I can do with my punches will be more brutal than what I can do with a kendo stick, table or chair. I don't think we even need it and I think he thinks the same too. I think he would rather go suplex than hit me with a stick.

Many people would like to see a different match. A Fight Pit match would be great. Wear MMA gloves in a cage. I think I would love it and not just me. A lot of people would like to see something like this." The Fight Pit match is a fight that has already taken place recently at NXT, too.

It is a variation of the infamous Lion's Den match of the Attitude Era. The first Fight Pit match took place in the May 27, 2020 edition of NXT and saw Matt Riddle face Timothy Thatcher, with special referee Kurt Angle.

Thatcher match Thatcher managed to win by submission. Bobby Lashley nonetheless defended his WWE title at Elimination Chamber within an Elimination Chamber match against Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Riddle, AJ Styles and Austin Theory.

The event will take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and will be the first time the PPV will take place outside of North America. Although he currently holds the WWE Championship, the 45-year-old is also open to issuing a challenge for the RAW Tag Team Championship with MVP: “He’s putting on some good weight, he’s training.

He just started different diets and everything like that just to harden up and get in that fight shape. So I and P might do a little run at some tag team titles also. There’s so many different possibilities right now that I’m excited that anything could possibly happen”.