Has WWE started a love storyline?


Has WWE started a love storyline?

In recent weeks, two of the athletes we have seen the most in the various segments brought to the scene by the WWE on Monday Night Raw, have certainly been Dana Brooke, current 24/7 Champion of the Stamford-based company and Reginald, former Carmella's valet, who has detained the green and gold title of the company for weeks, before losing it in a daring way in the backstage of the company.

Since the birth of the belt that can be won and lost at any time of the day, in every most disparate occasion and in any way and place, WWE has in fact made everyone win their belt, from ESPN or FOX journalists. to passing actors who passed from the backstage from the WWE rings, up to Bad Bunny, in his brief moment in the company rings, with Reginald and Dana Brooke who are the current protagonists of the title tour of this particular WWE belt.

Obviously, being the titleholder, Dana must perpetually run away from her pursuers, with Akira Tozawa, R-Truth and above all Tamina, who want to get back the green-gold belt on their hips, with the two athletes who in the weeks have practically lived in symbiosis, which continue to run away from one backstage to another, in order not to lose the title.

WWE has very specific plans

In the latest installment of WWE's red show, Monday Night Raw, WWE suggested to their fans that a new on-screen duo could soon be born, consisting of the 24/7 champion and her runaway friend, Reginald.

As we saw in a very heartfelt segment between the two, Dana wanted to thank Reginald for his help with a kiss on the cheek and then a hug, with the faces of the two athletes who came dangerously close, heralding a possible kiss that is not but arrived, if not on the cheek.

At the moment we don't know where this storyline will lead, but after months of not seeing anything like it, WWE could bring a new love story to the rings on Monday Night Raw, after the last one, which was the one starring Lana and Bobby Lashley, which didn't end in the best of ways, with an on-screen divorce between Rusev and Lana and with the two ultimately also being released from the Stamford company, after months of teasing and embarrassing storylines for the two.

Another theory seems to be that which sees Reggie taking advantage of Dana's goodness, with the athlete who thus goes to pin the champion without the use of physical strength, with everything that's said to have been organized by Reginald himself, only for him to get to the title.

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