The Boogeyman signed a new contract with WWE


The Boogeyman signed a new contract with WWE

In the history of WWE, the most disparate characters have appeared, with athletes who dressed in the most senseless way possible or in the most amazing costumes that could be sewn or put together by tailors from all over the world.

One of the characters that still make the fans of the company shiver, especially the little ones, is The Boogeyman, a particular character staged in Friday Night Smackdown now more than 10-15 years ago, played by Marty Wright, who probably appeared in the nightmares of several WWE Universe fans, however good he was able to identify with his role on the company's television screens.

For some years, in fact, The Boogeyman appeared in the mid-carding of Smackdown, going to build important feuds with the likes of JBL or The Miz or Chris Benoit and Fit Finlay, only to be released by the WWE, when the creative team is not he had nothing more to propose to the athlete.

Despite the wrestler now being 57 years old, he still shows a truly exceptional physique, with the athlete who in recent years has also undergone important dental treatments, which have reconstructed practically all the teeth, which the athlete had lost in the ring , on several occasions (you will remember in fact his mouth almost devoid of teeth, but full of worms).

The Boogeyman gained notoriety in the mid-to-late 2000s

With a video that arrived first on TikTok and then on Twitter, the 57-year-old fighter wanted to confirm how WWE and Chairman Vince McMahon wanted to offer him a legendary contract, which the athlete signed in the same video, by his fist, with the name of Boogeyman who thus returns to be part of the WWE in an official way since 2009, the year of the athlete's departure, who had returned to work in the independent circuit.

Although no presence of the wrestler has been announced in the rings or in the backstaga of the company, it is likely that we will see The Boogeyman's scary face in the future on some occasion, as already happened in the last episodes of Monday Night Raw dedicated to the legends of the company, now in a way even more present, given the signing of the athlete's contract.

After a brief run on the ECW brand in 2009, where he feuded with the likes of Big Daddy V and Matt Striker, Boogey left WWE in 2009 after being released from his deal. The face-painted star again emerged from the "bottomless pit" in 2012, returning to WWE during that year's Slammy Awards in an encounter with Booker T.