Raw: WWE permanently cancels a storyline on Raw

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Raw: WWE permanently cancels a storyline on Raw

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the fact that the couple formed by Rey and Dominik Mysterio had been able to make their own split in the rings of Monday Night Raw, with the only couple in the history of the McMahon-owned company formed by father and son, to have won the tag team titles of the federation, which in fact had come almost at loggerheads in the last few episodes.

According to many insiders and many fans of the federation, there was in fact a split in the air that could serve Dominik to go up the federation cards, to build his own character in an important way, detaching him as much as possible from that of his father, which is no longer needed to act as a "mother hen" for the young Dominik.

In the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 7th February, however, it seems that the team formed by the two athletes of Mexican origins is back closer than ever, especially to fight the injustices and wickedness of a former WWE Champion: The Miz.

What happened on Raw?

In the weekly episode of Miz TV, the WWE Awesome One wanted to invite the couple formed by Rey and Dominik into his program, with the same former WWE Champion who immediately started teasing Dominik for his height, definitely different from that of his father, with the fighter from Parma who after years brought out the story of paternity attributed to Eddie Guerrero and not to Rey Mysterio.

Longtime WWE fans will surely remember the feud between Rey and Eddie, some time before the WWE Mexican died, with the contention that between the two it was precisely the paternity of Rey's son, who according to Eddie belonged to him.

to him. At this juncture, Miz also complained to fans because according to him, fans would not appreciate The Miz's way of "cheating", which is identical to that of Eddie Guerrero, but he was shouted at, while Miz was booed instead.

. After mentioning Guerrero's name twice in front of the cameras of Raw, The Miz was seen attacked by Dominik live, with the father and son couple who seem to be back more close than ever, with their split that still one.

time seems to have been sidelined by the Stamford company, at least for the time being. In the match that arose after this segment, it was the boy who won the contest thanks to an assist from his father, making the relationship calm again.