Raw: Kevin Owens is shining again

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Raw: Kevin Owens is shining again

If in the meantime awkward things happen backstage like Reggie and Dana Brooke close to kissing (how cute!), The same thing cannot be said of the match between Owens and Theory. Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory. Another very interesting match, hard and quite excited, with violent blows both by Theory and by Owens.

Kevin Owens challenged Austin Theory

Austin Theory defeated Kevin Owens on WWE RAW last week. The two superstars had a rematch on this week’s show. The former took the fight and stomped his opponent down right after the bell.

Owens fought back and delivered a few stiff chest chops. The fight spilled over to the floor, where KO hit a senton off the steps to punish the young superstar. He followed it up with a cannonball in the corner and a frog splash from the apron to the floor.

After a superkick, Owens performs a stunner against Theory and definitively closes the match. So watch out for the next episode of RAW, where Theory's place at the Chamber will probably be up for grabs. Winner: Kevin Owens. As fans, we always love to see fresh, first-time match-ups that we've never seen before.

We were in for a treat as we got to see Seth 'Freakin' Rollins and Riddle clash in their first-ever one-on-one meeting. In fact, it was the first time this match had happened anywhere. Sadly, the match ended in a DQ when Kevin Owens hit the ring and attacked Riddle.

Thankfully, that means they will probably have to see a rematch somewhere down the line. So that is something to hold onto. In a promo on Monday Night RAW, as he cut a promo against Seth and Big-E, he said something which stirred up the reports even more.

Owens said, “It might be for three more months, or three more years, that doesn’t matter. What matters is every single time I’m on Raw, you can believe I will do everything I can to give the WWE Universe something to remember”.

So much foreshadowing from KO and yet, no answers whether he’ll stay or depart for AEW. In reality, he lost his Universal Title to Goldberg in just 22 seconds. As the match began, then-United States Champion and Owens’ former ally, Chris Jericho’s music played, and he appeared on stage, distracting Owens.

Goldberg took advantage and executed a spear and a “Jackhammer” on Owens to win the title. Sami Zayn took to Twitter to express his happiness regarding the result before following it up with a rather clever tweet. He compared Trump to a delusional heel wrestler like himself.