Raw: Riddle and Seth Rollins competed in their first match

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Raw: Riddle and Seth Rollins competed in their first match

Here finally get in the ring, Lita! While the Hall of Famer talks about the next match she will have against champion Becky Lynch, the latter interrupts her by thanking her for what she has done with her in her life but now is Becky Lynch's time.

After talking about the history of the past and the possibility of Lita coming out of the Chamber (PPV, not the match) as champion, the Irish redhead attacks her in a cowardly way but in the end, it is Lita who gets the better, first with the Twist of Fate and then with the Litasault.

Meanwhile, another women's 1 vs 1 match, sees Liv Morgan go up against Doudrop. Liv Morgan vs Doudrop. Negative note: the choice of the WWE to send it during the various commercials, an incorrect and disrespectful choice towards two wrestlers.

True, no one was interested in this match, but neither did he do so though. Winner: Doudrop We finally arrived at Raw's MAIN EVENT, which sees the match between Riddle and Seth Rollins. Riddle vs Seth Rollins: After about three minutes of the shared screen with advertising, WWE allows us to see the match in full screen.

Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

Another nice match of the evening, this is interrupted by Owens who attacks Riddle. Orton arrives and throws Owens out of the ring to save his partner. The match, from 1 vs 1, turns into a tag team match Winner: Riddle, for disqualification RK-Bro vs Rollins & Owens Static match until Orton enters which makes the building go on fire.

Eventually, however, Rollins performed the Curb Stomp to Riddle, thus winning the match. At the end of the match, Orton RKOs Kevin Owens. Winners: Rollins & Owens Bet, as always, with many interesting ideas and some moments of absolute boredom.

Rollins countered to take back control as the match spilled outside the ring. The Visionary pulled him off the apron and power bombed him into the barricade. The Original Bro took control of the contest before Kevin Owens came out of nowhere and nailed him with a forearm to the face.

Orton ran down to save his partner from The Prizefighter with an RKO. Two elements make up the logo. The first element is the angular “SR” which stands for Seth Rollins. Surrounding the alphabets is the crosshair. This is the mark used to identify targets before firing a gun.

This shows that whoever Rollins sets his eyes on will suffer a painful loss. He has often shown the WWE Universe how brutal he can be.