What's next for Mickie James?

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What's next for Mickie James?

Over the past few weeks, WWE has left its fans quite stunned by opening a famous "door" that had not been crossed for years by anyone, namely the formidable Forbidden Door, with which a wrestler under contract with 'another very famous world company', was going to fight even only one night only with the WWE.

This practice had in fact been abandoned by the WWE years ago when due to some problems with a title and the prestige of it, there were disagreements between the WWE wrestlers and some Japanese federations. After decades from the event, we have instead seen the WWE go to confirm the arrival of Mickie James in the women's Royal Rumble, with the current IMPACT Wrestling champion who eventually participated in the match, complete with Knockout belt present at the federation event.

In the end, WWE also mentioned the girl's current job, but in doing so, she obviously had some restrictions that the fans did not even notice, but which regularly emerge on the web, thanks to the most knowledgeable journalists of the world of wrestling.

Backstage news on Mickie James

During Mickie James' presence on the scene and in the various advertising videos of the company, WWE has in fact adopted some restrictions to which its insiders had to wait, without being able to get out of these rules.

Thanks to the latest update reported by Will Washington, at the Fightful Grapsody podcast, in fact, we learn that: "I talked to someone inside WWE and they all told me it was a really cool thing, but they were still on the 'sure, but let's not literally say everything Mickie James does or is now.'

The first thing that was banned was in fact 'we are only allowed to say IMPACT, but we are not talking about IMPACT Wrestling, which is a very important distinction; IMPACT Wrestling cannot be said, IMPACT Wrestling cannot be tagged on social media, you cannot say IMPACT Wrestling, only IMPACT '

The company name is IMPACT Wrestling, but it's one of those things in WWE we don't say, we don't say 'wrestling', you don't say wrestling, this company is not called IMPACT Wrestling. The other thing is that we are not allowed to use the word Knockout, we don't even use the word World, even though the belt is called IMPACT Knockouts World Championship, we don't use either word and we were specifically told to refer to the belt as IMPACT Women's Championship, although it is called differently. So it wasn't free advertising for IMPACT, but simply a different nomenclature."