Bully Ray opens up on Goldberg

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Bully Ray opens up on Goldberg
Bully Ray opens up on Goldberg

In recent weeks, there has been a return to talk of Bill Goldberg, WWE Hall of Famer and multiple world champion of the Stamford-based federation, who in the last episode of the Friday Night Smackdown blue show went to challenge none other than the Tribal Chief of the company, Roman Reigns.

Obviously, the match will air at Elimination Chamber, Saudi Arabia and of course it will be valid for the Universal title at the moment alongside the chieftain of the Anoa'i family, with Da Man attracting the ire of the whole WWE Universe, for yet another title shot that came out of nowhere, without a minimum of construction or without any qualifying match.

Once again, therefore, the legendary former WCW athlete arrives, enters the ring and stipulates a match valid for the title, without even waiting for the champion to confirm the contest or not. Obviously, the fans are now quite exasperated by this modus operandi, but there are some insiders who would agree with it this time.

Let's talk about Bully Ray, former WWE Bubba Ray Dudley, who also hinted at a Da Man win in the Arab rings, to grow interest in Roman Reigns over the next few months.

Bully Ray on Goldberg

In her latest interview with the Busted Open podcast, Bully Ray said: "I honestly think this is the perfect opportunity for WWE to get some of me out of the situation and try to rock the situation.

Personally, I would keep Goldberg returning him and beating Roman in Arabia and immediately a rematch is given to Smackdown, the following Friday and the title is given back to Roman. This thing would have genuine fan reactions and leave people talking for days.

It would be different and it would be the exact opposite of what it is now, which is highly predictable. Have Goldberg beat Roman on Saturday and then on the 25th at Smackdown see the title come back to him. These are only six days in which you put the title on Goldberg as a new champion.

Just go shake things up a little." During a recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Goldberg stated that he has respect for his Elimination Chamber opponent, but his goal is to dethrone The Head of the Table. “As much disdain I have for Roman and his position right now, I do ultimately respect him because he followed in the footsteps of guys like myself and Ron [Simmons]," said Goldberg.

"Now, granted, he probably will be much more successful than myself. But at the end of the day, it's not only the physical attributes, but it's the mental aspect of the game."

Bully Ray Goldberg

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