Who will replace Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter

by Simone Brugnoli
Who will replace Shane McMahon?

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about what happened in the PPV of the Royal Rumble, the first Big Four event of the Stamford-based company of the year, which officially opened the dances with the Road to Wrestlemania which is now entering its heart.

In addition to having talked a lot about the great returns arrived in the rings of the real male brawl but above all in the female one, with the winner of the match that was the returning Ronda Rousey, there was much talk also and above all about what happened in the backstage of the event, with the son of the WWE patron, Shane McMahon, who created panic and confusion among the insiders, wanting to personally put his hand to the booking of the male Rumble, deciding everything the opposite of what was initially expected and sending on all the furies every single road agent and employee of the company's creative team.

According to what was stated in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site Wrestle Votes, it seems that before what happened to Rumble, WWE had very important plans for the Chairman's son in view of the Showcase of the Immortals, with the federation having foreseen in order of importance after the titled matches with the winners of the respective real brawls inside, a match with Shane McMahon inside.

Latest update on Shane McMahon

After what happened with the creative team in the first Big Four PPV of the year, WWE seems to have canceled those plans, with a big hole that now remains to be filled in that of Wrestlemania 38, however.

To the microphones of their latest update, the journalists of the site reported: "Some sources claim that Shane McMahon's space on the Wrestlemania card was positioned very close to the apex. So, WWE now needs a 'big draw' to build a huge match outside of the titled context.

This goes without saying, that the Wrestlemania card is still in complete writing. The thing is incredible. Source states the spot Shane McMahon was going to have on the WrestleMania card was to be positioned near the top. Therefore, WWE now needs a new "major attraction" matchup outside of the titles.

This goes w/o saying, but the WM card is still in complete flux. It's quite amazing," WrestleVotes tweeted. With Shane McMahon gone, there are no concrete plans for Seth Rollins either, who at one point was planned to be the WWE Champion heading into WrestleMania.

It will be interesting to see who the company chooses to replace Shane McMahon and how they will fit into the the current plans for the Show of Shows.

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