AJ Styles pays tribute to The Miz

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AJ Styles pays tribute to The Miz

Over the years, WWE Superstars have given the most disparate interviews to journalists around the world, with the wrestlers who tread the WWE who have wanted over time to praise their colleagues or give them vitriolic words, especially after something unpleasant had happened on-screen or backstage at the Stamford company.

One of the most shocking events of the old millennium, was certainly the one staged in the Montreal rings, in 1997, when Vince McMahon tore the title from Bret Hart's sides by force and power, staging the Montreal Screwjob, with Hart who hasn't spoken to Vince McMahon or Shawn Michaels about it for years.

In the last few hours, however, some wonderful words have arrived from a great athlete of the federation, who wanted to praise a colleague, who according to him manages wonderfully in the role of him, especially in front of the company's cameras.

We are talking about AJ Styles and The Miz, both former WWE World Champions. In his latest interview released to the microphones of the Out of Character podcast, interviewed by Ryan Satin, AJ Styles wanted to say: "For me, there is no one who can understand as well as The Miz, how to do the heel in front of the cameras.

He is how I would like to be. I'm just not as good as he is. That's what I aspire to and what every heel should be, you don't have to please the audience. They should love being booed and getting insults and spit and all of those things.

This is what we should aim for because with the emotions you move as a heel, you are able to make everyone work better. When you have a great heel, you also have a secure babyface, it's easy. When you have a great storyline, it's easy, everything works and everything is easier."

AJ Styles praises The Miz

Although AJ Styles has also worked for years as a heel, both in the rings of companies outside the WWE, and on those of the Stamford company, he still sees in his colleague The Miz some qualities that he has never had by nature, nor probably will have never.

The former WWE Champion acknowledged that he was not ready to be in either WCW or WWE at the time, so he was happy at how things went. He felt that the timing wasn't right for him to be on either WCW or WWE at that point in his career.

"I had a contract so I knew I'd be coming back for a couple more matches. Now, I didn't know WCW was going to go out of business. That sucked for me. But it is what it is and things happen for a reason. I wasn't ready to be in WCW and I sure as heck wasn't ready to be in WWE so I'm glad that things happened the way they did. I'm happy for the experience but the timing wasn't right."