WWE is experimenting with new methods of filming

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WWE is experimenting with new methods of filming

In recent years, WWE has had to contend with a worldwide pandemic from covid-19 that has brought several markets, including pro-wrestling, to their knees, with WWE being the only company to be able to increase its overall turnover, unlike all other federations in the world.

Also, thanks to ingenious innovations, such as the introduction of the million-dollar ThunderDome, invented precisely to not make the arenas feel empty, as they have been for much of 2020, the first year of the pandemic, WWE has succeeded.

however, to create great shows that could entertain fans from home, since the live ones did not return to the arenas until last summer, definitively. After the release of the various anti-covid vaccines on the market, the whole world has restarted, with the WWE which has restarted together with the AEW and all the other companies in the sector to hold the various weekly and monthly shows in front of a large group of fans.

WWE is experimenting

During the weekly episode of NXT, which aired this night, perhaps many fans will not have noticed the new shooting mode staged by the WWE, with some cameramen who went directly into the ring, among the wrestlers during the various matches, to get a closer look at the action, which never happened on the company's shows.

As reported by the pages of PW Insider, in fact, WWE would be experimenting with some novelties in the field of scenography and filming, with NXT which is always at the forefront regarding the news and unusual ideas of the company, especially in the last period.

According to the journalists of the Insider, the match that would have been filmed in this way would be the one seen between the Grizzled Young Veterans and the Creed Brothers, with the filming that would have been authorized and supervised by Kevin Dunn himself, who was in the gorilla position.

at the time of the act. Needless to say, if these shooting methods are successful with the rest of the management, the athletes and the fans, it is possible that they will soon also land on the main roster rings, with the very famous WWE Superstars who could thus enter our house as never seen before.

Carter hit Jiro with a stunner on the ropes before Lee came in and we headed for a break. Back in the match, Jiro took a German Suplex and a standing shooting star press before Kushida tagged in for a double team move but Carter broke up the pin. Kushida countered the Hoverboard lock from Carter before MSK picked up the win with a Blockbuster/Hart Attack combo.