What are Austin Theory's plans for the future?

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What are Austin Theory's plans for the future?

There's no question Austin Theory is highly regarded by WWE management, which has given him plenty of chances in recent months. On the December 20, 2021, episode of Raw, Theory lost to Finn Balor, suffering his first defeat since returning to the main roster.

On January 29, at the Royal Rumble, Austin participated in the Royal Rumble but was eliminated by AJ Styles. In the episode of the red show, McDonough's 24-year-old got the better of Kevin Owens, entering the Elimination Chamber match that will take place on February 19 in Saudi Arabia.

In a lengthy interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo wondered if Austin Theory would benefit from an eventual win over Goldberg at WrestleMania 38.

Latest update on Austin Theory

“If WWE was betting so much on Austin Theory, it should have nurtured its talent better in recent months.

Austin had to arrive prepared for the most important events of 2022. You have to set the table for talent to explode ”- Russo analyzed. “The WWE did not set the table properly, it is an objective fact. A possible victory over Goldberg at WrestleMania 38 would have no meaning under these conditions" - he added.

In the latest edition of 'Busted Open Radio', WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry analyzed the perspectives of Theory: “My judgment of Austin has changed several times over time. I think he is doing something that very few wrestlers have been able to do, which is to play his role perfectly.

Right now, he's playing some sort of Robin for Vince McMahon. Not many people can say they worked closely with Vince. I am reminded of legends of the caliber of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, which have become the iconic faces of the company in every corner of the world.

Theory is still very young and has all the credentials to succeed in this business" What will WWE have in store for him at WrestleMania? This angle all began during WWE Survivor Series when Mr. McMahon's golden egg went missing from his office.

It was later revealed that Theory had stolen the egg so he could take a picture with it, and McMahon would - oddly enough - reward the RAW rookie with a title shot. McMahon stated that Theory reminded him a lot of himself, and he has now taken the 24-year-old on as somewhat of a protege.

So far, the storyline has gone fairly well, and it has quickly developed a new character on the WWE main roster. There's no reason to bet against Theory, who has all the tools it takes to be a top star.