Apollo Crews opens up on The Undertaker

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Apollo Crews opens up on The Undertaker

Barring sensational and unlikely twists, The Undertaker played his last match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. Within the docu-series 'The Last Ride', the Undertaker has admitted that he is no longer able to bear the efforts required by professional wrestling.

The 'Phenom' officially retired from the 2020 Survivor Series, where his extraordinary career had begun 30 years earlier. The 'Deadman' received a beautiful tribute from friends and colleagues, who bowed before an absolute legend of this business.

During a recent interview with 'Sportsradio 96.7', the seven-time world champion admitted that he had some physical problems. “Both of my hips have been partially replaced. I will have to have an operation on my right knee, which has been planned for a long time "- he revealed.

Taker has been a role model and a source of inspiration for countless young superstars. To Vicente Beltran's microphones, Apollo Crews recalled his first meeting with The Undertaker during a live event.

Apollo Crews talks about The Undertaker

"The Undertaker has done a lot for wrestling, he's a champion who only happens once in a generation" - began Apollo Crews.

“My father admired it and showed it to me when I was little. His career has been so long that it has spanned several generations. I spoke to him once during a WWE live event, he was interesting. Nobody will be able to replicate Taker's exploits, at least in my opinion.

We were lucky to be able to admire it up close” - added Apollo. In the latest edition of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T did not rule out that the Digger may return to the ring in the future. "I don't think we'll see him again in this edition of WrestleMania, he's been retired for too little time.

My opinion is that he will return to fight in a few years, perhaps at the Showcase of the Immortals" Undertaker was the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble match, becoming the first wrestler in history to win the Royal Rumble by entering as the last participant.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Mick Foley’s former tag team partner said he wanted to work with The Deadman in WWE. McMahon had other ideas, however, and decided to change his character: “They didn’t want me to be Maxx Payne because it was too close to The Undertaker.

To me, that was the biggest f***ing mistake you could have made, in my opinion, because imagine the great f***ing feuds ‘Taker and I could have had, and then ended up being partners. He loves heavy metal too,” said Payne.