WWE wanted to put Kurt Angle in a famous storyline

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WWE wanted to put Kurt Angle in a famous storyline

In recent days there has been much talk of a possible return of Kurt Angle on the WWE televisions, with the WWE Hall of Famer who had been contacted a few days before the Royal Rumble, to be present in the company's Big Four PPV, as well as than to do some filming and some interviews for WWE Network documentaries, also to discuss some plans for Wrestlemania.

According to the former wrestler himself, in the last episodes of his personal podcast, WWE's said to have had several ideas to bring him back on-screen, but with such plans that in the end they were trashed for the most disparate reasons, with Angle who specifically didn't want to sign any kind of deal with WWE, neither as a legend nor as a performer contract, which still makes him a free agent.

The only commitment made with WWE for Rumble was therefore the signing of autographs and photos with fans of the company. But what was Kurt Angle really supposed to do with WWE? In which storyline should the Stamford federation have included him in view of Wrestlemania 38?

Backstage News on Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle briefly spoke about Chad Gable's WWE status during a recent Q&A session.

He highlighted why the RAW Superstar was one of the most underrated talents on the entire roster. In the latest update arrived via the microphones of the Fightful Select, we also learn what were the plans of the WWE for its Hall of Famer, in view of the Showcase of the Immortals, with Angle who should have been one of the main protagonists of the storyline that now sees Randy Orton and Matt Riddle in a feud on one side and Raw duo champions Chad Gable and Otis on the other.

In their latest update, Fightful reporters said: "Fightful learned that Angle was originally planned in some plans for RK-Bro vs Alpha Academy. There were ideas in the academic challenge that should have been a 'Three is Challenge', with Angle having to play with past, about his early days in the wrestling world.

There were also discussions about Angle working as a special referee in Saudi Arabia, in the event dedicated to the Elimination Chamber, where the two teams will have a match." Kurt Angle stated that Styles was physically small compared to other big superstars of his era, but that didn't stop him from putting together a Hall of Fame-worthy career: "Chad is still underrated.

That poor kid, because of him being undersized, hasn't gotten much of a chance that he should. And I really believe that if they gave him that shot, he would be another great athlete like AJ Styles. AJ was undersized too, and I think that Chad Gable would have the same effect."