The strange fate of Veer Mahaan

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The strange fate of Veer Mahaan
The strange fate of Veer Mahaan

The news we've all been waiting for is finally here! Veer Mahaan returned to fight and did so by winning in the Main Event episode recorded last week against Akira Tozawa, while he reappeared again today February 10, defeating Ali's former right-hand man in the Retribution, or T-Bar.

Two victories passed on the sly, which further brought Mahaan closer to the main roster. Often the Main Event was a testing ground for athletes before making it to the main roster and it is possible that Veer's arrival on Raw is very close this time.

It is ironic though to see how, after months of announcements mentioning "Veer Mahaan is coming to Raw", the former Indus Sher member has actually returned to WWE on a show other than the red one. The former Dominik Dijakovic himself made fun of this fact, sharing on Twitter a post about his match and the description: '' VEER MAHAAN IS FINALLY ARRIVED ...

in @WWE. #WWEMainEvent.'

Latest news on Veer Mahaan

Veer Mahaan's arrival on WWE's Monday night show has been long delayed, and cartoons about his return are now airing weekly from November. Among these, many speculate that poor Veer is swimming the ocean and that is why it is taking so long for him to reach his destination.

The situation did not improve when his former tag team partner of Indus Sher, who seemed now far from the plans of the federation, ended up making his return before dear Rinku (this is the real name of the Indian), laughing at NXT with the name of Sanga alongside Grayson Waller.

Veer Mahaan has therefore unexpectedly become beloved by the WWE Universe and his voice certainly also reached the WWE The last post dedicated to the athlete chirped directly from the official channel of the Stamford-based federation, seems to confirm the hypothesis that Mahaan will also be exploited by the WWE itself.

In fact, dear Vince's company confirms in the last Tweet a few hours ago that "Veer Mahaan cannot be contained for much longer." While in his baseball career, Mahaan never made it to the Majors, he still did something that many thought was impossible.

He and Dinesh Patel also opened the door for younger Indian athletes who may share the same dream he once had. After leaving baseball, he changed his focus to pro wrestling. Mahaan signed a deal with WWE in early 2018 and was immediately assigned to the Performance Center.

Veer Mahaan Raw Smackdown

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