A relative of Roman Reigns joins WWE

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A relative of Roman Reigns joins WWE
A relative of Roman Reigns joins WWE

In the recent and past history of WWE, there has been a Samoan family that more than any other has brought the best and most renowned athletes of that specific geographic context to the rings of the McMahon-owned federation, with the Anoa'i always bringing in their family name is high, a bit like the Hars in Canada or the Guerreros in Mexico.

From this family tree, some of the most famous and important wrestlers of the last period come out, such as Roman Reigns, current Universal Smackdown champion, the Usos, Smackdown duo champions or the various The Rock, Rikishi and the late Umaga and Yokozuna.

Apparently, a new member of the Anoa'i family seems to have shown up at the WWE, having signed a new agreement with the McMahons, very similar to the Legend contract that the federation has assigned to the now-retired athletes, but who wants to remain to work for it as ambassadors or as a spokesperson for the same company, around the globe.

Roman Reigns has become a WWE symbol

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has sent a message to Goldberg ahead of their upcoming match at Elimination Chamber. The two titans will clash for SmackDown's top prize for the first time ever in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

They were originally set to lock horns at WrestleMania 36, but The Tribal Chief was replaced by Braun Strowman in the bout. Thanks to a post arrived on his own Facebook page, the former couple champion of the then WWF together with Rikishi, Samu, with whom the father of the Usos formed the Headshrinkers in WWE, wanted to make it known to fans that he had signed a contract with WWE, although it took the update of The Daily Item site, to understand that it was an agreement called "Nostalgia" which is a contract very similar to that of the Legend.

Attached to the message posted on the social network by Roman Reigns' godfather, the former WWF athlete also stated: "I am truly honored to be back with the company that has meant family to me since I was born. I am also happy for the wrestling fans of Sunbury and all the surrounding area who welcomed me and my family, my brother Afa and his son Lance with open arms.

I have made several friends who are now family to me and this is priceless. I want to thank Mr McMahon and the rest of the McMahon family and all the WWE officials for what they have done for me and my family."

Roman Reigns Tribal Chief Universal Champion

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