Sasha Banks has sent a cryptic message on social media


Sasha Banks has sent a cryptic message on social media

Appearing in "Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling", Sasha Banks talked about the difference between independent federations and WWE as well as her passion for wrestling. On the difference between the independent federations and the WWE, Sasha Banks stated: "It was so difficult at the beginning because I arrived that I knew how to fight but then I didn't know how to do it, at least not with the WWE style.

There is much more here. We are a TV show, number one, so we need to understand the audience where we perform in front of the camera. It's scary when you have to be in an area where you have thousands of fans screaming. You have the whole world watching you.

There are people who say: 'Go, go, go.' You have the referee. You have the person you face in the ring. In independent federations, the situation was like 'Do whatever' There was nothing else. It was like 'Let me superkick because I'm doing my favorite moves.'

You did everything smoothly. When you get to WWE everything is completely different, from indie to NXT. That was completely different too, but with Raw and SmackDown there's really no comparison."

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On her passion for pro wrestling:" I love pro wrestling because I can be anything I want.

I can become a superhero, an actress, a stuntman or a clown but also a writer, a producer and a role model. I can be anything I want thanks to wrestling. It's more than just making the moves in the ring. The beauty also lies in meeting new people.

Do interviews. You meet legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can really make all your wrestling dreams come true. I always wanted to be so much more when I was a little girl because I was nobody. I watched wrestling and thought, 'These people are the best'

They are over the top. There are so many weird people too and I felt like I was like them too. So I decided to take this route. I love the fight. I also like MMA. It's crazy that we have such incredible fans. They are always there, all over the world to support us by doing the craziest thing in the world, fighting.

In my opinion, there is nothing better." Sasha Banks also recently competed at the Royal Rumble premium live event that took place on the 29th of January 2022. Banks was the first entrant into this year's Royal Rumble. The Boss went back and forth with WWE legend Melina, who entered at #2.

But it took Banks only a few seconds to eliminate the returning star. Despite a resilient effort in the Rumble, Banks was ultimately eliminated by Queen Zelina.

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