Paul Heyman talks about his gorgeous promos

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Paul Heyman talks about his gorgeous promos

Two of the most used characters by WWE in recent months, respond to the names of Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns, respectively one of the greatest managers in the recent history of the world of pro-wrestling and one of the longest-lived champions of the last years of WWE.

Since his return to the rings at Summerslam two years ago, Roman Reigns has struck a sizeable streak, eventually winning and maintaining the Smackdown Universal Championship for over 500 days, with that reign that still continues undisturbed in the rings of the blue show of the company.

At the moment, the feud that is most affecting WWE Universe fans is in fact that between the beast of the federation, Brock Lesnar, winner of the men's Royal Rumble and Roman Reigns himself, especially after Paul Heyman betrayed his historical client, Lesnar, to ally once again with his Tribal Chief.

Latest update on Paul Heyman

Recently interviewed by the microphones of Alex Rawls for the NOLA site, the Mad Genius of Smackdown (Paul Heyman) wanted to say about the creation of his formidable promos in front of the WWE cameras: "I see the public en masse.

I try to do nothing but reach everyone, which is the first thing to be successful: reaching everyone. You have to try to seduce as many people as possible in the audience, to get them invested by your message and the only way to do that is to be present to yourself, with all of them, not be one of them or some of them.

It is a collaborative effort with the public. If the audience is not a character in the performance, then they don't give you a way to bring out the best in you for your promo." According to Paul Heyman, therefore, the contribution of the audience present at the shows is fundamental, because the more an audience is alive and it gives interest to what he sees and more everything that is broadcast will be engaging and suggestive.

The next logical piece was him asking if the wrestler could talk to Vince McMahon about letting him take photos at ringside. A combination of managers, The Grand Wizard, Fred Blassie, and Lou Albano, liked this curly-haired, very enterprising young man and told Vince that Paul would give copies of any photos he needed.

Sold. He was in. At most of the big shows at Madison Square Garden, Heyman would stand by the ring near me and fellow photographers, George Napolitano and Frank Amato. He was very personable and quite pleasant until a shot would come along he wanted, and then we became victims of his razor-sharp elbows.