Was Becky Lynch's nickname a mistake?

Becky Lynch is arguably the most popular female superstar of the modern WWE era

by Simone Brugnoli
Was Becky Lynch's nickname a mistake?

Since returning to WWE at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch has shown a very high level right from the start despite the pregnancy. The Irish superstar will face Lita in the upcoming pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber, which will be staged on February 19 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

In her WWE career, Becky has won the SmackDown Women 's Championship four times and the Raw Women's Championship twice, as well as being the only one to have held both titles simultaneously. Lynch also won the 2019 edition of the women's Royal Rumble match and participated in the first women's Tables matches, Last Woman Standing matches and TLC matches in history.

A guest on the latest edition of 'The Bro Show' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo wondered why Becky Lynch chose to be nicknamed 'The Man'

Vince Russo speaks about Becky Lynch

“It hasn't been long since the women's revolution took place.

It is true that women have made an effort to obtain the same rights and privileges as men, but I do not understand why Becky Lynch chose to be nicknamed 'The Man' A woman should be proud of being one. This is the fulcrum of the women's revolution” - explained Russo.

Vince analyzed WWE’s inability to create new global icons: “Who did legends like The Undertaker and John Cena pass the baton to? These guys didn't help the young talents stand out. They just disappeared. Taker retired for age reasons, while Cena has become one of Hollywood's most popular actors.

When Vince McMahon needs big names for WrestleMania or an event in Saudi Arabia, he offers them big bucks and they get back into the ring. Often and willingly, they take the place of wrestlers who work full-time. The same concept is also applicable to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin”.

The last two years have been very difficult for WWE, forced to manage the effects of the pandemic. A lot of talents and behind-the-scenes insiders had to pack. During her recent appearance on Ring the Belle, Lita highlighted the similarities between her and Becky Lynch and stated that their match will be a clash of two generations.

"I think this match is like a true generational clashing match because we are very kindred spirits," said Lita. "She lives like a pirate, kind of took a very meandering journey to get to her spot in WWE. Same thing [for me] so I kind of cut from the same cloth.

I saw a lot of her in me, as she was starting as I first just met her. And then to be at home and watch her catch fire. I was like, “girl”. Not only did I know she had it, but also I was like, “let me in there”.

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