Brock Lesnar breaks a new WWE record


Brock Lesnar breaks a new WWE record

Royal Rumble 2022 has now gone to the archives too, with WWE starting its year and its Road to Wrestlemania in the best possible way, with two outsiders winning their respective royal fights, with Brock Lesnar on one side and with Ronda Rousey on the other, wowing WWE Universe fans connected from home or in the arena as the event unfolded.

After losing his WWE title to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, with his longtime manager/lawyer literally stabbing him in the back, returning to ally with the blue show's Tribal Chief, Lesnar stepped like a train into the Men's Royal Rumble, with the number 30, knocking out all the men left in the ring and taking out a one-way and first-class ticket, for the event of events: Wrestlemania 38.

Already the night after, on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar, in fact, made it clear who will be his opponent on the most important WWE night, with the Tribal Chief of the blue show who has already been warned. But let's take a small step back, returning to the night of the Royal Rumble, because precisely in this event, the WWE Beast found two records with the McMahon company, the first relating to the shortest exposure time passed from his entry to the final victory and the other for the distance between the first Rumble won and the last one, that is, after 19 years.

New record for Brock Lesnar

Although this fact is mostly a statistic, rather than a real record, the thing remains historical, given that Brock Lesnar has become the protagonist of something that only he has managed to do in his career and which, unfortunately, at the moment, no one will be able to reach anymore.

But let's get into the details. In the year of his debut, Brock Lesnar was the only one who could cleanly beat Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, with the Beast of the McMahon federation being the only one in 365 days to take down.

the three most important flags of the entire Stamford company, something that no one ever managed during their stint in the federation rings. Not even the other great WWE legends have managed to beat all three of these sacred monsters in their first year of on-screen activity, with the withdrawal of all three making it impossible for anyone to try in the future.

Once again, for Brock Lesnar comes a medal on his chest to pin in a mammoth career, which seems to be more and more legendary than many others in the past.

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