Lita comments on her Royal Rumble appearance

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Lita comments on her Royal Rumble appearance

In an interview this week with Denise Salcedo, Hall of Famer WWE Lita talked about her return to the Royal Rumble and what it would mean for her to win the women's Raw title. On her Royal Rumble appearance, Lita said: "John Laurinaitis called me and said, 'Do you want to be a part of the Royal Rumble match?' I had already trained just for fun and took advantage of the opportunity to return to the ring.

It made so much sense to continue my training. Then, when they announced to me in advance, the reaction from the fans and their support, they were all fantastic in dispelling any doubts or anxieties in my head. I didn't realize I needed it and was really so happy.

I consider myself as 'I know what I want. I know what I need. I'll do it.' That doesn't mean that sometimes I am not afraid or have no doubts. The way the fans said, 'You can do it. Five-time champion 'I was like then' I can really do this I'm a five-time champion.'

The fans were of prime importance in gaining my trust."

Lita on her Royal Rumble appearance

On the RAW women's title to win at The Elimination Chamber: “It's weird because I try to never get ahead of myself.

Come in, give 100% and that's what you need to focus on. It seems this is what should happen. It would be a nice icing on the cake for my career. That would be really incredible." At Esquire Middle East, Lita also spoke about AEW: "AEW is doing amazing things, it has brought new life into pro wrestling.

Whenever a competition is created, it is always a good thing, because it rekindles interest in the discipline. When they looked for me, I seriously considered their offer. I told them, 'We can talk about it, I'm interested, you are doing great things.'

In the end, however, as I talked to them, I thought back to the last 20 years spent in my home, together with the people I worked with for 20 years. I basically gave them my blessing, telling them I was going to watch their shows, wishing them the best but it just didn't seem like the place for me."

Fans may remember that the WWE Hall of Famer was involved in a controversial storyline in 2005-06 alongside Edge, which featured the infamous 'live s*x celebration' segment. Lita got serious hate from fans following that act, and after months of suffering, she finally announced her retirement from sports entertainment.

She had also been around for nine years, enduring multiple injuries. These made it difficult for her to perform at her best. She lost her Women's Title to Mickie James and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 by none other than her best friend, Trish Stratus.