Latest news on MVP's future

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Latest news on MVP's future

In the history of WWE, there are dozens and dozens of great managers who have helped the most disparate athletes to become great legends, such as the late Bobby Heenan and Paul Bearer, Paul Heyman, Ted DiBiase, Sensational Sherri and many other well-known names of the WWE panorama and beyond.

One of the greatest managers of the moment, who still works on-screen at Monday Night Raw, alongside WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, is MVP, an acronym for Montel Vontavious Porter, who was also a great champion of the United States in his first stint with the McMahon-owned company.

After returning to the rings of the 2020 Royal Rumble, it seemed that MVP could only have one or two matches with WWE, only to retire permanently, with his path with the company that has instead remained stable, with his shadow now following.

Raw's All Mighty continuously ever since.

Backstage news on MVP

Apparently, thanks to some tweets, and some messages that came about on Instagram, complete with photos between the two, we learn of a twinning that could soon even come to the WWE rings, given that the two directly concerned have fed the interest of WWE Universe fans.

We are talking about MVP and Carmelo Hayes, North American unified champion and NXT lightweights, who were immortalized in a photo at the Performance Center in Orlando, (most likely), while they were talking. After posting the photo online, on the official NXT profile, the media tam-tam immediately started, with the fans immediately making the first hypotheses of a possible twinning between MVP and the young athlete on the third roster of the federation.

Instead of remaining silent, however, the two left room for doubts and possible hypotheses, with the two athletes who in fact wrote with their Instagram profile: "MVP: This guy reminds me of someone. I like his style ...

" "Carmelo: Talking about business never hurts." Could WWE have plans to move the North American champion to the main roster soon? Or maybe to pass MVP over those of NXT, to further increase Carmelo's talent? While it is not currently clear why the stable reunited after it split up over five months ago, one possible reason could be that Bobby Lashley has not been on his best run in recent weeks.

The All Mighty has struggled to pick up wins since he lost the WWE Championship to Big E. Even Cedric Alexander took a hearty dig at The All Mighty in which he suggested that if Lashley had backup, his brief bout with Big E would have ended differently.