AJ Styles opens up on the future of wrestling

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AJ Styles opens up on the future of wrestling
AJ Styles opens up on the future of wrestling

In recent weeks there has been nothing but talk of the very famous Forbidden Door, or the practice with which the world pro-wrestling companies go to call wrestlers currently under contract with other promotions, to attend their shows.

The WWE has never used this ploy in recent decades, with this practice that was very much in vogue, however, between the 70s and 80s, with Hulk Hogan and all the legends of the then WWF traveling between the United States and Japan every month.

After carrying on for years the idea that WWE should not advertise any rival company, nor that it should call any athlete on the roster of other companies, just this year, the McMahons have decided to call the IMPACT world champion.

Wrestling, Mickie James, in WWE's first Big Four of the year: the Royal Rumble. After seeing this sensational return in that of the Rumble, fans of the WWE Universe have wondered whether or not WWE can reopen this Forbidden Door in the future, perhaps with some even more high-sounding name.

WWE Superstar AJ Styles has revealed why he wants to face Edge in a dream match at WrestleMania 38. In his latest interview, the former WWE champion, seen for years in rings around the world, from ROH to TNA, through NJPW and eventually even in WWE rings, AJ Styles, wanted to tell his on the subject.

AJ Styles wants to face Edge

Speaking of the Forbidden Door to TV Insider's microphones, Syles said: "I think it depends on a lot of factors. First of all, I really think we could only work with people who have worked for WWE before that point because we already know what to expect from them.

Mickie James was one of them, a great talent. It was cool to see her enter the WWE rings as IMPACT with her. It was a good and beautiful thing for everyone." According to what was stated by the Phenomenal One, therefore, the minimum characteristic that an athlete should have to get on the WWE rings and therefore to fight with the most famous and talented Superstars in the world is to have already worked with the company, so as not to be a fish out of water or not to create any kind of danger when the time comes to make such an appearance.

Edge was forced into retirement in 2011 and made his triumphant return to WWE nine years later. The 11-time world champion was recently involved in a feud with The Miz, and the two superstars competed in a match at Day 1. It is worth noting that Edge and AJ Styles engaged in a confrontation at Royal Rumble two years ago.

The Rated-R Superstar's devastating Spear legitimately injured Styles. This could be referenced in creating a feud between them on the road to WrestleMania.

Aj Styles

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