Smackdown: Cesaro cannot find his own way

At one point, Cesaro was one of the most popular underutilized stars in WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Cesaro cannot find his own way

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. This Friday, Naomi almost accidentally got a title shot against Charlotte, while Ronda Rousey and Goldberg will return to the blue show. In the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans everything is ready, on the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin.

- The episode opens with the entry of Sonya Deville! The WWE Officer shows up with her arm bandaged and she immediately tells us she asked for a $1,000 fine and the suspension of Ronda Rousey after last week's attack, but ...

ADAM PEARCE IS COMING! At one point, Cesaro was one of the most popular underutilized stars in WWE. The Swiss Cyborg showed immense feats of strength that proved he could hang in the ring with anyone he came across. Unfortunately, everyone but the promotion recognized this.

Cesaro showed immense feats of strength

Last year, WWE finally appeared to believe Cesaro was worthy of a push. They even gave him a win over Seth Rollins. However, he later lost to Roman Reigns, which signaled the end of his hype.

This week, he unsurprisingly lost to Happy Corbin. This man could have been a Universal Champion, but instead, the WWE Universe will have to settle for thinking about what could have been. Pearce officially announces that the request was denied by order of Vince McMahon himself due to Deville's repeated abuse of power and adds that Sonya will not be able to interfere in the match between Charlotte Flair and Naomi, otherwise she will risk losing her job.

HERE IS NAOMI! Jimmy Uso's wife joins her bitter rival in the ring and reminds her of what Pearce just said, in case she has the memory of her decidedly chord her, then slaps her and walks away satisfied. The nickname ‘Swiss Superman’ came from his incredible show of strength.

From swinging the Great Khali like a rag doll to body slamming the Big Show, Cesaro has proved his mettle repeatedly. Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t reward his talents with title opportunities. Some may disagree with this statement, as Cesaro is a former United States Champion and a multi-time tag team champion.

But the Swiss Superman remains underrated and underutilized. His biggest claim right now is being the strongest pound-for-pound superstar in WWE. On an episode of SmackDown, Cesaro lifted the Big Show and planted his 400+ pound frame with a huge Neutralizer. This came mere weeks after he performed another impressive feat.

Smackdown Cesaro