Smackdown: Sami Zayn introduced another edition of his podcast

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Smackdown: Sami Zayn introduced another edition of his podcast

In-Zayn! Sami Zayn shows us a video of Johnny Knoxville destroying one of his t-shirts, but then claims to be there tonight to talk about his Intercontinental Title, so the guests at the show will be current champion Shinsuke Nakamura and his trusty Rick Boogs.

The two show up on the square and Zayn accuses Nakamura of being in league with Knoxville, adds that he is avoiding him for fear and then moves on to provoke Boogs. The guitarist, annoyed, touches the microphone and ... FALLS HIT A SHOCK!

It was all a trap.

Sami Zayn’s guests for the show were Rick Boogs

Sami Zayn introduced another edition of his In-Zayn podcast on WWE SmackDown this week. A video of Johnny Knoxville visiting the WWE pop-up shop in Los Angeles and defaming Zayn merchandise was shown before his guests came out.

The Japanese goes to pick up his friend, but he gets distracted ... HELLUVA KICK! Let's enjoy the moment when the Canadian walks away as a winner because that's something that happens very rarely. The segment did not do too much for the Intercontinental Championship scene on Friday night.

However, it looks like WWE is building towards a match between Zayn and Knoxville for Wrestlemania. Paul Davis revealed that he has been informed that the announcers are being told to stress upon the red hair and red beard identity of the attacker.

This was also the description given by Jeff Hardy. Another person who strangely fits this billing is Sami Zayn. Davis reported that he has been informed that Zayn can make his return anytime on WWE Television. Considering that he never lost the Intercontinental title and was stripped of it, the story makes perfect sense for him to attack Hardy.

However, this can be a good way to salvage this failing storyline and add intrigue. If this is indeed the plan, we might see a protracted rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn. To be honest, that sounds a lot more exciting than his feud with Sheamus.

Xia Li made quite an impression when she first appeared on the main roster. Given the moniker of "The Protector," her appearance was hyped up with weeks of vignettes. She was shown to be a guardian for the weak, and when she debuted, she supported stars in need.

Although it has been months, she has not done much more than that. With multiple appearances to interrupt a face getting beaten down, she has indeed been a protector on SmackDown. However, she is yet to have her first televised SmackDown match.

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