Smackdown: Roman Reigns was interviewed backstage

Roman Reigns is the Tribal Chief and the undisputed Universal Champion of WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Roman Reigns was interviewed backstage

MAIN EVENT SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Charlotte Flair vs Naomi. Really nice and hard-fought match, perhaps more than expected, which reminds us why Naomi was two times champion of the blue show. In the end, however, Jimmy's wife makes an unforgivable mistake, attempting the Rear View of her, which however is avoided by the Flair ...

NATURAL SELECTION! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Roman Reigns was interviewed by Michael Cole backstage on WWE SmackDown. Cole was looking to get some answers about The Tribal Chief's Universal Championship defense against Goldberg at Elimination Chamber.

Roman Reigns was interviewed by Michael Cole

Roman Reigns was phenomenal on the mic once again and did a good job in the interview. His final statement shows that he is ready to put down the 55-year-old and stay on top in the company.

He has the upper hand in the rivalry and will likely bulldoze through The Icon at Elimination Chamber. His words elevated the rivalry and gave fans something big to look forward to next week. After the match, Sonya Deville gets on the square and goes to provoke Naomi, who can't take it anymore and attacks her.

Charlotte returns to the ring in defense of Sonya, but ... RONDA ROUSEY COMES! The former UFC puts her bad guys on the run with kicks and punches, with Deville being saved at the last minute by Charlotte. The Universal Champion revealed that he was at Epcot with his daughter.

They opted for the VIP experience, given his status. Nevertheless, they still had to wait for a considerable time. Initially, none of them had any clue about the wait. As the situation progressed, Roman Reigns and his daughter realized that Ariana Grande did a double on the ride which resulted in the delay.

“We were at Epcot, doing Disney at the end of last year. We did the VIP experience to where you get taken to the back in order to get on the rides. You get the privilege to jump in front of everybody. Paying to be jerks, I guess.

I’m standing there and it’s taking a little longer than usual and our tour guide is like, ‘let me see what’s going on.’ As he goes in, he gets turned right back around as [Ariana’s] security is pushing him back and away from her and her group”.

This may not have been the experience he wanted for the visit, but his daughter definitely had a jaw-dropping experience. In fact, he had to ask his daughter to pick her jaw up!

Smackdown Roman Reigns Universal Champion