*Spoiler* WWE wants to include Johnny Knoxville in a huge match


*Spoiler* WWE wants to include Johnny Knoxville in a huge match

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about WWE's Royal Rumble, staged at the end of last month, January, after the federation had already aired another PPV called Day One. After seeing the two matches valid for a title shot at Wrestlemania go on stage, in one of the main events of the show, discussions and gossip broke out among the fans about also and above all to those who were not advertised in the event or who was advertised but that had very little to do with wrestling.

Among the many included in the two Rumble matches of the homonymous ppv, we also saw the Hollywood actor Johnny Knoxville, one of the protagonists of the American film series, Jackass, with the zany movie actor who took some from everyone in the match.

Apparently, the WWE intends to continue the feud between the actor and Sami Zayn, with the two also likely to be the protagonists of a match at Wrestlemania, which at the moment is not yet publicized.

Johnny Knoxville entered the WWE 2022 Men's Royal Rumble

WWE also had to record the episode of Friday Night Smackdown of next week, with the match valid for the Intercontinental title between Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura which was won by the Canadian, who has graduated as a new champion.

Apparently, as revealed by Dave Meltzer's microphones at the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, WWE's plans would be to send Johnny Knoxville against Sami Zayn in a 1 vs 1 match, with the actor going straight for the title as soon as switched back to the flanks of the former NXT athlete, with their cartel match that would be so even more important.

Obviously, all of this would be a great WWE publicity stunt for his company, given the actor's importance and popularity, especially in the young age group, the one that WWE appeals to the most. The Jackass star has done his very best to taunt and annoy Sami Zayn.

Johnny Knoxville took the time out to raid WWE'S LA pop-up store, singled out Zayn's merch, and obliterated it by throwing it in a woodchipper. In all fairness, Zayn has also done his fair share to push Johnny's buttons by showing up at the premiere of Jackass Forever.

He went on to brag about quickly eliminating Knoxville from the Royal Rumble and ended up getting kicked off the red carpet.

Sami Zayn