Huge recognition for Samoa Joe

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Huge recognition for Samoa Joe

Ring Of Honor has announced that Samoa Joe will be part of the inaugural ROH Hall of Fame. Joe is the longest-serving champion in the company's history, having held the belt for 645 days and making 31 title defenses to great success.

Just like for Bryan Danielson, announced before him, Ring Of Honor also released a statement for Samoa Joe: “Ring of Honor is proud to welcome Samoa Joe, the most dominant ROH world champion in history, into the class.

inaugural of the ROH Hall of Fame."

Samoa Joe is a great wrestler

The statement continued, "From the time he first entered a ROH ring in 2002, Joe has proven to be an intimidating force whose tough attack, intensity and relentlessness have made him one of the most dangerous competitors in the sport.

'The Samoan Submission Machine' is arguably America's most skilled professional wrestler in the art of strong style, a form of professional wrestling popular in Japan that emphasizes hitting and submission. In his 10th match at ROH, Joe captured the ROH title in March 2003.

Two months later, Joe officially elevated the title to world title status when he successfully defended it in London, marking the first time the belt was defended beyond outside the United States. Joe went on to hold the ROH World Championship for a record 645 days and made 31 successful title defenses.

Not only is it the longest reign in ROH history, but at the time it was the longest world title reign in any US professional wrestling company in 15 years. During Joe's historical reign, he and CM Punk were engaged in an epic trilogy of matches that have become legendary.

They fought for two 60-minute draws before Joe won their final bout. Six months after losing the ROH world title, Joe won the ROH Pure Championship. After leaving ROH in 2007, Joe won the TNA World Heavyweight Title by defeating Kurt Angle.

Joe returned to ROH in 2015 for a series of matches before leaving for WWE, where he became the first two-time NXT champion." Samoa Joe sat down with Sportskeeda's own Rick Ucchino today about all things WWE. When the subject of when we could expect to see Joe return to the squared circle, he wasn't ready to commit to a timeframe.

However, he made it clear that he wasn't done in the ring. "As far as the timetable, no. But I just want to reassure people that you know this point, WWE medical is doing the best for my health and my well-being, and I'm appreciative of it, so we're taking our time.

We're making sure that I'm as healthy as I can be. And we are... Yeah, I think that's essentially it, you know, I'm not putting a timetable on it because the type of injury is not something that I want to rush, obviously, for obvious reasons. So, yeah, I mean, that's essentially the update."