Seth Rollins is ready for the final consecration

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Seth Rollins is ready for the final consecration

One of the current top names of the Stamford-based company, who has passed from one roster to another to keep the storylines of the company high, in recent years, is Seth Rollins, a former member of the Shield, together with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, who later having left the trio he climbed first of all the federation cards.

After winning several world titles, including the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship, as well as having won many other titles such as that of NXT, those of couples or the US, Rollins has carved out his own slice of the public, becoming a real guru in front of the cameras of the company, with his histrionic character who has always captured the interest of many fans of the WWE Universe, both as a babyface and as a heel.

In his last interview, Rollins also wanted to talk about how he started working in the pro-wrestling rings, with his initial training even coming to the hands of former WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Seth Rollins is part of the upcoming Elimination Chamber match

In his last speech on the Pat McAfee Show, one of the challengers for the WWE title of Elimination Chamber, Seth Rollins, wanted to tell: "Since I was 14.

we talk about Attitude Era. So let's talk about DX, Stone Cold, nWo and WCW. And I was in love with it, I couldn't have done anything else. So I had a trampoline and me and my friends, we had fun doing the moves there at home.

We used to do our shows in our garden. I wanted to start training, I always wanted to start doing it. I didn't want to be one of those who come into the industry and get looked down on, like, oh, that was never trained, he just jumped on.

Paying my debts, repaying the respect of the people who spent their time and all these things. So I went to train, drove to Philadelphia, got all my stuff. I went there and tried to be trained by CM Punk. CM Punk, who was a huge WWE star and now works for the other company.

No, but - I didn't have the money. I didn't have them, I didn't even know how to support myself. Because I never went to college, I didn't like it, and I couldn't even afford the laundry. I didn't know what I was doing.

I was an Indiot. I ended up penniless, having to go back. So, I left Chicago in a frozen winter of 2004. In that blasted cold, I was trained by an independent guy, his name is Danny Daniels. Yes, Double D. He taught me everything I know about business for the most part."

Rollins is part of the upcoming Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship where he will face five other men in a bid to become a 3-time WWE champion.