Raw: Tommaso Ciampa appeared on Raw

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Raw: Tommaso Ciampa appeared on Raw

In recent weeks the WWE has carried out a structured work on two fronts, namely that of the main roster and that of NXT, with numerous Superstars who from the most important rings of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, have descended into that of NXT, to create storylines from scratch, with the athletes on the launch pad of the third WWE brand.

Among the many seen in recent months at NXT, we found Samoa Joe, who even became the absolute champion of the roster and then released or Finn Balor, also a former absolute champion of the brand or more recently also AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler, with the latter two who they even opened a feud with some NXT athletes, but remained firm on the main roster.

If Styles should have finished his interlude with Grayson Waller, who brought the Phenomenal One to fight against the young NXT heel on several occasions, as regards the former NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, the feud between him and Dolph Ziggler still seems far enough away from being called finished.

During the episode of Monday Night Raw aired this Monday, in fact, WWE has seen fit to include Tommaso Ciampa in the event, with the former NXT Champion who, however, did not lift a finger in the ring, but was simply present ringside, at the commentary table, in the match of his current arch-enemy, with his tag team partner, Robert Roode.

Tommaso Ciampa appeared on Raw

All this certainly comes from the aftermath of the last episode of NXT, where Dolph Ziggler had presented himself at the event, also taking part in an in-ring segment, where he was then attacked by Ciampa himself, who did not speak much Dolph, before you hit him.

At the moment, we do not know where the WWE wants to lead this feud, whether to end it shortly, perhaps with some matches in some weekly episode of Raw or whether to continue the matter longer and perhaps insert a match with Ciampa in the main roster, also for Wrestlemania.

We just have to wait and see how WWE will move in the coming weeks. NXT 2.0 consists of stars like Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker, athletes with zero or little experience in pro wrestling. The presence of a veteran like Ciampa was vital to the brand's success, and with his loss on Tuesday, the multi-time champion established the former Rex Steiner as the new face of NXT 2.0.

While NXT 2.0 will continue to build its new stars, it is a mystery what lies ahead for Tommaso Ciampa. WWE's record with NXT stars who aren't big from a physical standpoint is not the best, so a main roster run would leave fans of The Blackheart skeptical.