Raw: Becky Lynch is in great trouble


Raw: Becky Lynch is in great trouble

Returning backstage, the RK-Broga Party goes on until Cable and Otis intervene who send all the guests away, overturn all the tables and finally, with the guitar, they hit Riddle. If you are interested, Dana Brooke lost her 24/7 Title, but it was not R-Truth, Tamina or Tozawa who won it, but her "best friend" Reggie who, after being friend zoned, wanted to avenge himself by pinning her via roll-up.

Tag Team Match: Alpha Academy vs The Mysterios After these important events between Backstage and "Restaurant" (yes, it was clearly backstage, WWE a little forethought), let's go to the second tag team match of the evening, which sees the Alpha Academy challenge the Mysterios.

Meanwhile, Miz & Maryse show up at the commentary table. But what will they ever do ?! After Mysterio senior is distracted by Miz, Mysterio Jr throws himself from the stake on Gable, who overturns the final result of the move and with a roll-up takes home a victory.

Immediately after the match, The Mysterios are shot from behind by Miz & Maryse. One of the marquee matches for the Elimination Chamber show will be the RAW Women's title match between Lita and Becky Lynch. The Lita vs.

Becky Lynch match is perhaps the biggest women's championship match we've seen in a while and the biggest RAW women's match since Big Time Becks vs. Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch is struggling

The promo battle between the legend and the reigning women's champion was an interesting one.

While Becky Lynch ended up throwing the contract on her opponent, it was clear that she felt nervous. ATTENTION, we finally have the name of the sixth and last participant of the Women's Elimination Chamber. After being with the therapist for several months, Alexa Bliss is declared cured and therefore she will enter the Chamber.

Many expected Asuka or Bayley (let's go to "Who saw it?"), But it will be Bliss who will occupy the 6th and last place. Main Event: 1vs1 Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins We have finally reached the end of the red show, which gives us this absolutely new match and not at all already seen (and taken for granted, I would say) between Orton and Rollins.

As always, both athletes give the whole WWE Universe a good, enjoyable match. The ending, however, is not. The Alpha Academy tries to intervene to hit Orton but Riddle arrives and stops them before stepping into the ring. The Viper goes to help your tag team partner and, once back in the ring, is hit by Rollins' Curb Stomp, which closes the match definitively. Winner: Seth Rollins.

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