*Spoiler* Strange stipulation for Elimination Chamber

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*Spoiler* Strange stipulation for Elimination Chamber

At Elimination Chamber, which will be held in Saudi Arabia this Saturday, there will be three female matches with twelve women who will step on the square to fight and win, something quite unusual for Arab shows, which have gone from zero to one hundred in WWE.

The last match announced for the women's division was the tag-team match between Ronda Rousey and Naomi and Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville, created after last Friday's SmackDown match between The Queen and the shining girl.

As you have surely already read, also last Friday, this week's episode of the blue show was also recorded because the athletes will already be in Saudi Arabia at that time, since the journey is long enough and there would be no possibility to do SmackDown live regularly, and obviously from these recordings some footage and some things that have happened have leaked.

Latest update on Elimination Chamber

Bianca Belair is seemingly the favorite to win the Women's Elimination Chamber Match but after winning the gauntlet match on RAW, her chances of winning have gone slightly down. And with Alexa Bliss making her in-ring return in Jeddah, could she steal the win and earn a shot at Becky Lynch? It seemed for a while that The EST of WWE was destined to challenge the RAW Women's Champion at WrestleMania.

However, this week's episode has turned the tide in Bliss' favor. To give us an update on this couple match is PWInsider, who lets us know of an unusual stipulation added to the dispute just for the former UFC fighter, which could go to annoy his couple by preventing the victory, revealed in the episode pre- registered.

"Ronda Rousey will fight with one arm behind her back at WWE Elimination Chamber this Saturday 2/19, PWInsider.com confirmed it. Rousey and Naomi will fight Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville at the event in Saudi Arabia.

The stipulation will be revealed as part. of this episode of Smackdown Friday, which was recorded last week in New Orleans. Friday's episode of Smackdown will feature the in-ring signing of a contract between the two teams."

Also with regard to the signing of this contract, we have reported that there was a small problem filmed by some fans present at the arena, in a typical skit of the signing of contracts, with Charlotte and Ronda being the protagonists in particular.

We just have to wait for Friday to understand how Ronda and Naomi have reacted to this news and on Saturday to see how they will fare in their match against the champion of the blue brand and the WWE officer Sonya Deville.