Bianca Belair is not afraid of the next challenge

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Bianca Belair is not afraid of the next challenge

In the last episode of Raw aired on Monday 14 February 2022, Bianca Belair participated in a Gauntlet Match with her other colleagues announced as participants in the Elimination Chamber Match on Saturday 19 February, which will be held in Saudi Arabia.

It was EST who won the contest by beating Rhea Ripley last in an excellent match, taking home the advantage of entering the elimination chamber last, earning an extra chance of victory.

New details on Bianca Belair

Speaking with Inside The Ropes recently, the former SmackDown champion said she was very confident in entering this match which can also be very brutal with the athletes involved.

"My confidence is so high in going to the Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia, I'm super excited. I know what's at stake for the winner so I'm going there being The EST: strongest, fastest, most tough, toughest, biggest, best.

My strategy this year is just to focus on myself and have everyone study my game this year so they can play my game and that I may come out as the winner." Also, when asked about her defeat at this year's Royal Rumble, EST said she's channeling that energy for The Elimination Chamber, instead of crying too hard: “It was definitely a disappointment, having won the Royal.

Rumble last year, which was my ticket to Wrestlemania. I was in the main event and became the Smackdown Women’s Champion, so obviously this year I wanted to win the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row. But sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and then you don't give up, you don't give up.

So I'm going to the Elimination Chamber with that fire inside to win." The EST's current run in WWE as a SmackDown Women's Champion has been nothing short of phenomenal. Since the start of the year, she has won the Royal Rumble match, main-evented WrestleMania, and defended the title on multiple occasions.

Bianca Belair is set to defend her title against Sasha Banks at Summerslam in a repeat encounter of their WrestleMania bout. Simone Biles is an Olympian Gymnast who recently pulled out of the U.S. team gymnastics finals due to the emotional toll it took on her.

However, the story ended happily with the team winning the silver medal in Tokyo. The EST of WWE previously had the upper hand during her feud with Doudrop. However, on the latest episode of RAW the latter star had the last laugh.