Ric Flair harshly criticizes WWE

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Ric Flair harshly criticizes WWE

Ric Flair is officially recognized as a sixteen-time world champion: he has held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship eight times, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times and the WWF Championship twice, although the actual number of reigns varies between sources.

The 72-year-old from Memphis was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame both individually and as a member of the Four Horsemen. He was the first to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, having secured the belt after WCW seceded from the NWA in 1991.

On August 2 of last year, he requested the termination of the contract that bound him to WWE. On top of that, the Hall of Famer recently announced that he and his wife Wendy Barlow have split up. The couple got married in 2018.

In the latest edition of his 'Wooooo Nation Uncensored' podcast, the 'Nature Boy' said he was sorry that no one from WWE has contacted him during this time.

Ric Flair slams WWE

On his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair responded to Becky Lynch's latest tweet about him, where she said she was in Ric Flair's head.

Flair laughed off that claim by the RAW Women's Champion and said only Vince McMahon has been in his head ever in his pro wrestling career. He also stated how he treated Lynch like a daughter when they first met as she was a close friend of Charlotte Flair.

"It's crazy. I'm going to tell you something, when I first met Becky I treated her like my own daughter. She knows it, I know it. I treated her like my own daughter. She and Ashley (Charlotte) were best friends. They traveled together, if you're a friend of Ashley's, you know their lifestyle because you're a friend of Ashley's you're a friend of mine.

And I have nothing but respect for all the women and they know it," said Flair. “When a couple separates, it's always a personal failure. Nothing particularly bad happened in our relationship. I like traveling, being around people, signing autographs, but Wendy was tired of all this” - said the 16 times world champion.

“I was very sorry that no one from WWE contacted me during this time. A phone call would have been enough to find out if everything was okay. In some ways, WWE is the most insensitive company in the world. They act as if you don't exist ”- he added.

Ric Flair did not like the progress of the men's Royal Rumble match: “Someone must have convinced Vince McMahon that Johnny Knoxville's participation in the men's Royal Rumble match would increase the show.

Things didn't exactly turn out that way. I have nothing personal against Knoxville, they are keen to point this out. He seems like a very good person to me, but he has no connection with professional wrestling. I respect the choice of WWE executives, but I do not agree with it for the reasons I have explained."