AJ Styles praises Omos

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AJ Styles praises Omos

AJ Styles is considered to be one of the best performers of any era, so much so that he was listed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine as # 1 on the PWI 500 rankings in 2010. During his WWE career, the 44-year-old from Jacksonville won WWE twice.

Championship, three times the US title, once the Intercontinental Championship and once the Raw Tag Team Championship, becoming the 22nd wrestler in history to complete the Grand Slam. His second reign as WWE Champion, which lasted a whopping 371 days, is the eighth longest in the history of the title.

Styles and Omos split in December 2021, and the following week they faced off on Monday Night Raw. Theirs was a fruitful collaboration and appreciated by fans. In a long interview with 'BT Sport', Styles expressed his opinion on the potential of Omos.

AJ Styles pays tribute to Omos

“Omos can become one of the greatest superstars of all time. You have what it takes to be the heir of André The Giant, even if I've never met him. I have never seen a human being greater than Omos, you have to be by his side to believe it” - explained AJ Styles.

The latter appreciated the timing of the separation: "At a certain point, it was necessary for our paths to divide. Omos needs to move individually, only in this way he can grow and fully express his talent. The proximity to big stars helps you to learn faster, as Kurt Angle has repeated several times, but there comes a time when you have to cut that umbilical cord ”.

In the latest edition of his now-famous podcast, Kurt Angle spent beautiful words for Styles: "Everyone who had the opportunity to work with him had a great time. He manages to create terrific chemistry with anyone. He may not yet be at the level of a legend like Shawn Michaels, but he will join him between now and the end of his career.

AJ Styles is an exceptional performer, to say the least." Speaking on Jofo in the Ring, Sparrow predicted that the former RAW Tag Team Champion will go on to achieve superstardom in WWE: “When he gave me that squisher in the corner, all the air came out of my body.

That was my body’s natural reaction to push him away and collapse. That was as real as real gets. I believe that’s what they wanna see in WWE Champions… legitimacy. He’s the biggest human I’ve ever seen in my life. He absolutely will become World Champion”.