Are there any serious plans for the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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Are there any serious plans for the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

In recent days there have been several arguments that have led WWE Universe fans and insiders of the company and several other promotions to talk about the Stamford federation, from the consensual release wanted by Cody Rhodes from AEW and therefore his rapprochement with the WWE, until the possible return of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the WWE rings.

After years of his almost official retirement from the rings of the McMahon-owned company, the most famous WWE Hall of Famer of the Attitude Era, he could therefore return to the scene not only as a special attraction for Wrestlemania, as a speaker or as a presenter, but as a real one.

wrestler, in a full-fledged match, after 19 years of interrupting his in-ring career. The last match in Austin, is in fact that of Wrestlemania 19, after which Steve has not fought anymore except in short spots in the matches in which he was a special referee.

Having now passed the age of 50, the fighter no longer feels able to maintain the pace he had as a young man and has therefore always refused a return.

Latest news on Stone Cold Steve Austin

As it turns out, the situation between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE leadership would be at a very interesting point, with some insiders already giving for certain the deal that will bring the Texas Rattlesnake to the WWE rings.

In his last speech to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer tried to untangle the problem, making some very inviting hypotheses about the situation and giving us more interesting details. In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "Well, I guess it depends on how he (Austin ed) physically feels after this single match ...

The thing is, if he will be able to avoid injuries at this age by going back to wrestling. I think he's going to do Wrestlemania and the next show in Arabia, but they have a lot of other stadium shows coming up. He could also have a degrowth return.

Austin's problem, which is also one of the reasons he's never been back so far, was that Austin has a very high idea of ​​his wrestling and doesn't want to come back, you know, as a limited wrestler. I do not know.

I just heard he's going to be at Wrestlemania. I can see him, you know, coming back as a regular character, albeit in a non-wrestler band. I could see him and maybe he might fight every now and then. I do not know. There's a lot of money in wrestling right now and maybe they can find a deal like the one with Edge where you do three matches a year and get an incredible amount of money. Maybe they will do so in the end. I do not know."