Tegan Nox takes a shot at WWE

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Tegan Nox takes a shot at WWE

Tegan Nox was fired on November 18 without ever making her WWE Raw debut, where she had been drafted shortly before in October and was separated from her couple Shotzi who remained in SmackDown. Speaking with Chris Denker on Into The Danger Zone, Nox revealed that she never technically made a recording for Raw as she tested positive for COVID and was then told her presence on the show was unnecessary.

“I haven't even gotten to a Raw recording. I switched brands, technically went to a Raw recording in Texas, got COVID, was told I was positive and had to drive for sixteen hours alone, straight home, and never went to one after that.

Raw recording, never again. I just had to sit at home. As soon as I was released from COVID, I was released shortly after. 'Oh you're COVID-free, the blood tests are fine.' 'Great, I can finally see if this really goes somewhere,' and then it wasn't welcomed.

Next call, I was not needed. Next time, I wasn't needed. Three or four weeks off, 'you don't need you anymore, budget cuts.' 'OK, no problem'"

Tegan Nox slams WWE

Just like Nia Jax said about her WWE release, it was actually a relief for Tegan Nox as she explained how she felt: “That's a lot of different things.

Everyone walks on eggshells. With all the releases happening, you feel like you might be next. I just got this feeling that I wasn't... I wasn't welcome. I'm not good for the demographic they are looking for. I'm a five-foot-eight blonde-brown girl covered in tattoos.

Looking at the product now, it's very Divas era, like they're coming back there, at least I feel this. I always felt like I was on the gallows, even though I could fight. I didn't have enough personality or character to keep my job, which is weird.

If they give me a character, I take it and follow it. I've always been kept as 'the girl next door' and I'm not the girl next door. Let me be me. I was myself for six years before I got hired, let me do that. I have always had a feeling that they are not what they are looking for.

As soon as they split me from Shotzi, I thought, 'Yes, I'm in the next block [of layoffs].' We found out we split into brands while we drove back to the hotel." Nox lost her Street Fight match against Kai at NXT TakeOver: Portland.

Tegan Nox, however, was being built up for a title push and she recently won the #1 contender's match at NXT Great American Bash by defeating Dakota Kai, Candice LaRae and Mia Yim in the Fatal 4-way match. Tegan Nox will face Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship on next week's episode of the Black and Gold brand.