Is WWE preparing a big twist for Elimination Chamber?

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Is WWE preparing a big twist for Elimination Chamber?

The storyline on which WWE is focusing more in this Road to Wrestlemania 38, is undoubtedly the one that stars Brock Lesnar, the Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown Roman Reigns and obviously the mentor of both, Paul Heyman.

After months in which Heyman played a bit of a double game with both athletes, going from being the official adviser of Roman Reigns to being Lesnar's lawyer, only to go as far as betraying his historian behind him, in that of Rumble and allowing the Tribal Chief to attack Lesnar himself with the WWE title, it would seem that the role of Heyman could be fundamental in the course of this feud.

At Wrestlemania, in fact, we could also have a sensational Champion vs Champion match, as anticipated a few weeks ago by the same Beast of the WWE, which was included in the Elimination Chamber valid for the WWE Championship.

Saudi Arabia will host its first-ever WWE Elimination Chamber on February 19, 2022.

Update on 2022 Elimination Chamber

The company has booked some massive matches for Elimination Chamber to ensure fans have something to look forward to.

In his latest update to the Osberver Wrestling microphones, Dave Meltzer wanted to take stock of the situation within the WWE, with the possibility of Brock Lesnar winning back the title of Monday Night Raw which are very high according to the journalist.

With regard to this affair, the well-known journalist in fact stated: “I'm told there is going to be a big twist on the show so I don't know what it will be. I know they are pushing for a title vs title and that means Lesnar should win the Chamber and Roman beat Goldberg.

I think a lot of people expect this. For Brock, losing in the cage, I mean, I don't know how they could do to make him lose, because once again, there can't be who knows how much interference in matches with the Chamber.

I think they may make an exception this time, but something serious has to be built. In any case, it doesn't seem appropriate to make Lesnar lose. It wouldn't make sense to build it for Wrestlemania this way because the whole idea for the two for Mania is to maximize Reigns and maximize Lesnar and have both of them pass for the greatest Superstars of all and thereby fully protect them.

Precisely for this reason, Lesnar's defeat to Bobby Lashley came only at the hands of Roman. It was very clear from the match, that the situation was very different and it all served to get revenge later. There are a lot of different paths to take, it depends on which one they choose.

There are at least five, six, seven different ways to get to Mania, you know. There are also wrong paths, but I don't think they go down one of them. I wouldn't bet on it, because if you bet on their booking, it's easier for you to make a mistake than to be right, because their booking is more negative than positive."