Booker T is a huge fan of Charlotte Flair

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Booker T is a huge fan of Charlotte Flair

Recently at WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T spoke on her podcast about Charlotte Flair's need to win on Ronda Rousey. The two women will face off at WrestleMania 38 for the women's Smackdown title, but first, they will see each other face to face in a ring again this Saturday at Elimination Chamber.

Booker T believes the time has come for the queen to take a win over Ronda Rousey: “Well, I mean, Charlotte Flair needs a win over Ronda. She has always had the upper hand, if I'm not mistaken, over Charlotte Flair.

So the time has come for the queen to take a small step forward and achieve this victory. I think that for Charlotte, it's time to get closer to Ronda Rousey”.

Booker T comments on Charlotte Flair

On Brock Lesnar's recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Booker T admitted it's okay for people not to see that side of him: "It's a side that no one has to see because he has a character to respect.

He made people think. that he was that Beast every time he came up the ramp. That's the concept and what I talked about earlier. Being dominant on Monday night and being a chef on Twitch on Thursday. It doesn't help and it's not the same still trying to get out in the open and see that feeling you can give to people."

Moving instead to AEW, he said of him on Keith Lee's debut: “I saw him in shape, you can see that he finally felt he was himself. In this period of stoppage, he will have trained to be at his best for this debut.

Keith Lee is an exceptional athlete, he knows how to make great moves and is a great athlete. I think he will soon be back around the AEW world title. Even if set against anyone, he will do great things. What if he wins the title? Thinking about how many great things he could do in AEW is incredible."

Charlotte Flair noted that Lynch is an inspiration to her because she is balancing her responsibilities as a mom and a star for WWE. The Queen then stated that their relationship is currently built on mutual respect. "That's our relationship," said Flair.

"There's just so much respect there. Because I know what it takes to be in her spot and she knows what it takes to be in my spot. So no, are we driving around calling each other Thelma and Louise, and eating omelets anymore? No. But we both have grown up."