Did WWE cut an Elimination Chamber titled match due to time constraints?

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Did WWE cut an Elimination Chamber titled match due to time constraints?

In the edition of Elimination Chamber, 2022 that aired on Saturday, there was a contest that had to take place as usual on the official event card and was instead ousted from the show, with an angle of an attack before the match took its place.

We are talking about the titled match valid for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles, between the pair of champions, formed by the twin brothers Usos and the challengers to the title, the Viking Raiders, with the mammoth athletes dressed like the Vikings of a few centuries ago, who were brutally attacked by the WWE Samoans, who thus prevented the two former NXTs from setting foot in the ring, avoiding the match.

Many WWE Universe fans have wondered if WWE staged this angle to avoid staging the match as a matter of timing, since usually when things like this happen, it's because WWE has wrong to evaluate the length of the matches, preparing too many things and some disputes or angles must be cut or even eliminated completely.

Elimination Chamber: Will the tag team match be staged at Smackdown?

Apparently, according to what was reported by the microphones of Fightul Select, by removing the said match from Elimination Chamber, WWE hasn't have missed any timing.

And the angle of the Usos attack that had been a voluntary choice of the WWE and not an interlude put on stage to cut time. In fact, in the latest update of the journalists of the well-known site, it was stated: "The two teams flew to Saudi Arabia for a planned match, but in the end, it did not go on stage and instead we saw an angle of an attack that has kept the Raiders out.

From what we have heard, this was the original plan and nothing was cut for a matter of time. The show was scheduled to run around three hours, but there were numerous other videos that could be trimmed if time was needed. The plan WWE wanted to use was to hold the match at Smackdown for the foreseeable future, which could always be subject to change."

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