WWE plans to bring a celebrity back to Wrestlemania 38

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WWE plans to bring a celebrity back to Wrestlemania 38

In all editions of Wrestlemania, since the premiere in 1985, WWE wanted to emphasize the show and try to bring as many audiences as possible to follow the event, always with some different stratagem, also using celebrities from the world of entertainment, which with pro-wrestling and the world of sport, at times, had nothing to do with it.

Since the first editions, in fact, we have seen actors, singers, boxing and basketball athletes tread the WWE rings, from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson, passing through Cyndi Lauper and Mr T. In the last editions of Wrestlemania, we have also seen alternating important actors and singers, such as Bad Bunny, who even took part in a tag team match in the last edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, paired with Damian Priest, or Logan Paul, an American YouTuber, who has now also become a very popular boxer.

After the edition of Wrestlemania 37, however, it seems that Logan Paul's future in the WWE rings is not over, with his little stint in the middle of the feud between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, which may not be quite over.

Will Logan Paul also be present at Wrestlemania 38?

In one of the latest updates that came via Brad Shepard, a well-known US journalist, it is revealed that WWE intends to make as many Hollywood and showbiz stars appear as possible in this year's edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, including Logan Paul's name.

At the moment, several American newspapers, including Ringside News, are reporting this rumor, but there's no confirmation yet. According to what was reported by Ringside's Steve Carrier, however, it seems that Logan Paul has agreed with the WWE to make an appearance in WrestleMania 38, exactly like last year as an enforcer or a "jammer".

Carrier's tweet said, "There is a report that Logan Paul is going to be at Mania’. We have not been able to 100% confirmed this, that being said… It is very possible. We are told that he lived up to his part of the deal last time and WWE is reaching out to many celebrities as possible for the show."

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