Cody Rhodes spotted in Orlando: Is his landing in WWE getting closer?

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Cody Rhodes spotted in Orlando: Is his landing in WWE getting closer?

In recent weeks, one of the most covered topics in all world web wrestling has been the farewell of Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi from the rings of All Elite Wrestling, the second most important company in the United States, which in the last two years has had an inexorable growth, to which the same son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, also initially contributed.

After staging some realms with the TNT title at his side, Cody would collide with AEW patron Tony Khan, with the company's vice president who would drift further and further away from the rest of the crew of the company, until freeze his relations with everyone.
Apparently, in the last few days, rumors have emerged online that they would like Cody and his wife very close to a return to the WWE of McMahon, although it seemed until a few months ago that a return of Cody in the company that launched him as a young man on world pro-wrestling rings could be unattainable.

Cody Rhodes spotted at WWE Performance Center?

Through the latest updates that come to us from PW Insider and several other sources, it would seem that Cody has been spotted near the WWE headquarters in Orlando, or at the company's Performance Center, where the structure from which he is sent is also based.

staged NXT every week. If that wasn't enough, several insiders would have reported the news that Cody would have been spotted by several fans at Orlando airport as well, with his presence in that city leading to very simple deductions.

In fact, in the latest Insider update, we read that: "From the latest news from an internal WWE source we learn that on February 15 it was confirmed that Cody Rhodes would be present at the WWE Performance Center, for the whole weekend.

The next day, Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso also reported how Cody is slated to be on PC to film some promos over the weekend. "Apparently, although there is currently no official confirmation from WWE, it would appear that all clues could lead to a sensational return of Cody Rhodes in front of the cameras of the McMahon family, with his contribution that this time could be much wider than his last stint arrived a few years ago.

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