WWE: Bobby Lashley's corner hiding a real injury suffered at the Royal Rumble?

Brock Lesnar won the world championships at Elimination Chamber

by J. Anderson
WWE: Bobby Lashley's corner hiding a real injury suffered at the Royal Rumble?

On Saturday, WWE broadcast from its ring in Saudi Arabia, the last PPV before Wrestlemania 38, aka Elimination Chamber, the transitional PPV that was instrumental in Road to Wrestlemania, with several titled matches that went on stage, but with only one that saw a new federation world champion crowned.

In fact, in the main event of the evening, Brock Lesnar has again become WWE Champion of the red roster of Monday Night Raw, with the Beast of the company entering the contest before the set time, literally destroying the cage that kept him locked inside a Chamber cell knocked out all of his opponents, snatching the WWE Champion belt from the hands of former champion, Bobby Lashley.

The All Mighty, however, had been ousted from the match with an angle of possible injury, with Austin Theory being thrown against his cell, while the champion was still waiting for his call, with the officials and him. WWE medical staff, who then had to get Bobby out, no one knows what pains he was in.

Could Bobby Lashley actually be injured since the Royal Rumble?

Initially, WWE would issue a statement in which Bobby Lashley was being screened for a concussion, which is fairly common for wrestlers, with the All Mighty actually missing out on another injury, this time legitimate.

that the athlete would have suffered in that of the Rumble, during his match against Brock Lesnar.
As reported in the last few hours by the well-known The Ringer Wrestling Show, it would seem that the angle that ousted Lashley from the Chamber only served to prevent the athlete from staging his match, being already injured before the contest.

Through the latest news, we come to know: "Through some official sources we have come to know that Bobby Lashley is legitimately injured and has been since the Royal Rumble. If you have noticed, he has not worked on any Raw.

He didn't even really defend the title. He was really hurt in the match against Lesnar. From what we have been told, he will have it for at least 4 months. Shoulder operation. We've heard it might not even be there for Wrestlemania. He is a great athlete so there could be such a possibility ".

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