Becky Lynch Moved After WWE Elimination Chamber

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Becky Lynch Moved After WWE Elimination Chamber

Becky Lynch, current Raw women's champion, on Saturday, in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, defended her title with honor against one of the most legendary champions and wrestlers in the ring, Lita. The two in fact challenged each other in a truly excellent contest with the public in full support of them, which in particular celebrated and thanked the Hall of Famer for all that she has always been able to give to the WWE Universe.

As often happens with premium live events, WWE interviews its superstars for a hot opinion on the matches just held and the Irishman, for the occasion, barely managed to restrain the excitement of having faced his idol of the childhood that certainly gave her a hard time: “She still knows how to do it.

She has it inside her and listen, if I wanted to beat Lita, I would have wanted to beat the better version of Lita. And tonight, we got the best version of her and I beat her. "

For Becky Lynch: A memory to carry with her forever

Becky Lynch also talked about how she grew up admiring Lita and was overcome with emotion as she defended her title against her childhood heroine.

She also revealed what motivated her to go up against someone who has always been special to her as an aspiring pro wrestler. “She was special, she really was. There was a lot of excitement coming to this match and now there is a lot of excitement after leaving the match.

My childhood heroine [Lita], the person I admired, in a match I honestly never thought would happen. And when she challenged me, there were so many conflicting ideas in my head that yes, this is something a 13-year-old me would love, but now, it's right before Wrestlemania.

'And if something happens, if I slip on a banana peel and fall, I could lose the most important thing in my life at the hands of my childhood heroine' and it would hurt me a lot. "

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