Brock Lesnar Speaks About Almost Being Bankrupt During First Run

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Brock Lesnar Speaks About Almost Being Bankrupt During First Run

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Champion, and he revealed that he almost went bankrupt during his first WWE run. He appeared on The Pat Mcafee Show to talk about it. Brock is currently making a lot of money but this was not always the case.

“I don’t have to do this. Okay? I’ve been really wise and I’m not here, I’m doing it because I want to. And I’m not gloating, I just, I’ve been really good with money. Yeah, so it hasn’t always been that way though.

I learned from a lot of people. I was almost bankrupt my first run, you know?” Brock Lesnar’s first run in the WWE ended after WrestleMania 20. He rubbed Vince Mcmahon the wrong way and he almost went bankrupt during that time.

Brock Lesnar Speaks About The Time He Nearly Went Bankrupt After First WWE Run

“I just signed a big deal with Vince. I mean a big deal. Back then, 20 years ago was a lot of guaranteed money. And so then I’m like, six months later I’m like, ‘yeah, go screw yourself, Vince’.

He was a little chapped. I get it now. Made an investment here. So, but I had to do that and he understood that. I had to leave. I had to go out and, I wasn’t done yet. You know, if I wouldn’t have left I wouldn’t have been, you know, in the UFC and all that stuff.

When I made my name, I paved my own road. You know, so, came back and established, this is what I want, this is how I’m gonna do it, and I’m very fortunate”. Brock Lesnar is a part-time wrestler, although he has appeared numerous times since his return.

He is still placed on the top of the card and is put in world title scenarios almost all the time. Although he has a lot of experience, he still doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in front of a crowd “I still get butterflies.

You know, I still enjoy it. I enjoy the sh-t out of it. And, it’s, it’s a different game, you know, entering the octagon and I’m telling you, you’ve got to be like you’ve got to be half batsh-t crazy.

Like when you go through that door, like, I built or ordered an octagon so I could, didn’t have to first like, jitters of getting in an octagon. I’m like, ‘Dana, I want an octagon’. I’m like, ah boom, shipped an octagon.

So I can fight in it and practice in it, you know? But then you’re in front of 20,000 people and they shut the door and it’s like, ‘ahhh’”.

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