RAW: WWE throws feelers about Cody Rhodes


RAW: WWE throws feelers about Cody Rhodes

In what has proved to be one of the most surprising moves in the entire world wrestling scene, a week ago Cody Rhodes and AEW announced the separation of their working relationship. It should be remembered that Rhodes himself was one of the founders of what's now the main competitor of the WWE.

Obviously, various rumors began to circulate immediately on the possible return of the American Dream's son to Stamford, rumors that were, however, also confirmed by rather accredited sources. It has been reported that Cody Rhodes and the WWE have not yet reached any agreement, but all sources have agreed that the two sides have already made contact and that Cody could return to the McMahon court literally any moment.

other, with Vince being extremely excited about this totally unexpected engagement. And that's how WWE started playing on it, provoking its spectators with not-too-veiled references.

References to WWE's Cody Rhodes in the latest episode of Raw

In the last episode of Raw, a segment of Miz TV was staged in which The Miz presented Logan Paul as his partner for a future match against Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

The search for a new partner had already caused a lot of discussion in recent days, and during the promo Miz indulged in a quote from Cody Rhodes, introducing his couple with the adjective "dashing", a reference to one of the gimmicks played by Cody during his time in WWE.

Next, Edge opened a locker room challenge for WrestleMania, casting references to wrestlers like AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, Damian Priest but also Cody Rhodes via the adjective "undeniable". Additionally, the WWE Twitter account used the phrase "smoke and mirrors" in replaying Edge's speech, a quote from Cody's theme song also during his time at Stamford.

Despite these references, these cannot still be interpreted as certain signals of Cody Rhodes' return to WWE, but simply as a desire by the federation to play a little with this tangled but extremely interesting situation.

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