RAW: Logan Paul returns to WWE and confirms his WrestleMania participation


RAW: Logan Paul returns to WWE and confirms his WrestleMania participation

After concluding his feud against Edge, in the interlude that also saw Beth Phoenix and Maryse return to the rings of the McMahon-owned company at the Royal Rumble, The Miz began targeting the Mysterio family, going to tease and tease the couple.

formed by father and son, recently entered the history of WWE, for having won the tag team titles of the company, as a couple formed precisely by a father and a son (which had never happened in WWE before). In the last episodes of the Monday Night Raw, in fact, The Miz and the Mysterios came to blows several times, in a storyline that soon turned into a feud, when The Miz put everything on the personal, pointing to Rey Mysterio and telling him that he is not Dominik's natural father, as was already the case almost 20 years ago, when the boy's father was feuding with the late Eddie Guerrero, with the segments of "I'm your Papi" that were all the rage at Friday Night Smackdown.

Apparently, this storyline will not simply be a filler for the next few weeks for WWE, but a real storyline that will reach Wrestlemania 38, with the Mysterios going to give it a good reason against The Miz and a new athlete who has appeared on this Monday Night Raw: Logan Paul.

In the episode aired this Monday of the WWE's flagship show, the American actor and YouTuber, as well as a successful boxer, Logan Paul, made his return to the rings of the McMahon-owned company, after having also taken part in the last edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, with Logan who on that occasion was alongside Sami Zayn, in the match against his eternal rival, Kevin Owens.

Logan Paul returns to WWE and challenges the Mysterios alongside The Miz

If last year Logan didn't fight, however, this year the actor will be a real wrestler, with the participation of him who will be totally active and not figurative and that's it.

During a segment on Raw between Miz and the Mysterios, Rey wanted to challenge The Miz to find a partner on the WWE roster, as everyone hates the Awesome One to death, so The Miz shocked everyone by introducing his partner for Wrestlemania, Logan.

Paul. After attacking the two faces, The Miz and Logan Paul finished their opponents with the finisher of The Miz, with rumors last week that they wanted Paul to return to WWE, reported by PW Insider, thus becoming a confirmation.

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